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At Number 41, we're constantly questioning the way things currently work, imagining how they could be improved, and finding out what people actually need to get things done. Whether it's a service, a website, or a software project, we approach our work with one overarching question in mind: how can this work better?

We work closely with clients' project teams to understand their goals and then find out what stakeholders and users need, translating that understanding into practical solutions grounded by our design expertise. Our human-centric research approach gets us as close as possible to the people who will use our products, so that we can design and develop a practical, well-rounded solution — one that looks good, and works even better.

The key to achieving those goals is our exceptional team, and we make it a priority to provide them with an environment where they, and their ideas, can thrive. We value the balance between work and family, and strive to maintain an open, honest, and inspiring place to work. Those values, along with a generously stocked breakfast bar and constant supply of coffee, play a central role in bringing each of our projects to fruition. 


With practical expertise in web, application, and service design, Number 41's staff of Interaction Designers, Visual Designers, Content Strategists, and Developers bring decades of combined experience to the table.

Case Study
Heads of Court Administration

We were asked to find out where self-represented litigants struggle the most, and develop a framework for solving common service challenges in Canadian courthouses.

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Case Study
WCB Alberta

A platform was needed that served three primary audiences – workers, employers, and health care providers – without overwhelming users or sacrificing valuable content.

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Case Study
Health Match BC

We created on online tool to help medical professionals learn more about B.C., and guide them through the process of moving to and practicing in the province.

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Case Study
BC's Social
Innovation Hub

B.C.'s forward-thinkers needed a community where they could share ideas and form connections; we came up with an online tool to help bring them together.

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Our team is made up of individuals with interests as diverse as their skillsets, and those varied perspectives inform the execution of every project we take on. Between us, we have decades of professional experience and a wealth of real-world knowledge, and we put both to use on a daily basis.

Charles Haigh
Nicole Clement-Reynier
Miranda Benn
Christopher Leduc
Kate Shepherd
Leon Hui
Lesley Anderson
Will Weinzettl
Cesar Pinilla
Dave Kay
Matt Price
Chris Lawder
Ursula Szkolak
Tana Morgan


Whether in the public or private sector, our clients expect products that make it easy for their audiences to find information and get things done. Our team sees every project as an opportunity to create experiences that we, and our clients, can be proud of.