Web Redesign Project
Health Match BC

B.C. boasts a leading health care system and some of the world's most capable practitioners. Maintaining that quality of care and ensuring the province's residents can access it starts with finding the right professionals.

The Challenge

Health Match BC  is a free service that helps bridge that gap by connecting health care professionals from outside the province with career opportunities in British Columbia's health agencies and facilities. When doctors, nurses, and allied health providers register with HMBC, they gain access to a wealth of resources that can help them make the often daunting leap from their current homes to our province's clinics and hospitals.

Health Match BC's sites aren't like most job search tools — they provide their clients with support in every facet of their transition from locations like Great Britain, the United States, and elsewhere in Canada. When immigration, housing, and lifestyle are part of the equation, finding a position is just the start of a much more complicated, but exciting, journey. Our work for Health Match made that process as simple as possible, for both incoming healthcare professionals, and the staff helping them make the move.

Services Provided on this Project
Interaction Design

Good interaction design is the difference between an experience that's memorable for all the right reasons, and one that users would rather forget. Our goal is to create intuitive and uncomplicated products.

Visual Design

Our visual design enhances projects aesthetically and functionally, considering our clients' identity and a site's interactive features to create experiences that are both pleasing to the eye and helpful to the user.

Content Development

Our team organizes and facilitates content development workshops with content administrators, providing the tools and support to make sure that new and existing information is updated, relevant, and well-organized.

Quality Assurance

Before a website or piece of software goes live, our development team makes sure it's ready. To do that, we test, test, and − yes − test again, to ensure that the product exceeds expectations (and won't break).

The Research

The new website emphasizes the unique experiences available to medical practitioners living in B.C., and creates a narrative to guide them through the process of moving their careers and families to the province. To do that, we first created a public site that balances the specific needs of different health care professionals, without sacrificing common information relevant to all of Health Match's key audiences. And, importantly, the new designs were responsive so that this mobile user base could access it from any device.

Once they register for an account, the backend of the site allows users to easily learn about B.C.'s communities, view job postings, set job notifications, and get in touch with a Health Match agent to help them in their search.

Now, it's easy for them to apply for positions, and then take the steps necessary for them to come to B.C. and re-establish their career here. The new Health Match site streamlined the process both for applicants and Health Match staff, making for a more efficient and intuitive system that's reduced frustration on both sides.

The Delivery

A Tailored Service Model

All of the improvements that we made to the existing Health Match BC site were focused on making the process of applying for health care positions as smooth as possible. The concept of an online 'concierge'−like service — one that delivered applicants all of the information they might need to complete their move to B.C. — was unique, and went far beyond a typical job search.

Applicants can select jobs based on communities that feature preferred lifestyle factors, including proximity to recreational activities, urban conveniences, and natural landscapes. This style of service emphasized not only the convenience of searching for and applying to positions, but the overall benefits of a work-life balance only found in B.C.

Responsive Design

We knew from our conversations with HMBC staff, and previous experience, that health care professionals are on the go and often access sites and tools on mobile devices. Whether on their phones or tablets, it was essential that they be able to use the new Health Match site away from their desktops. We designed new wireframes for mobile and built a responsive site that's easy to use no matter where you are.

New Look and Feel

It was important to Health Match that their site look as good as it works — they wanted a refresh that was both modern and approachable. We worked with their marketing team to come up with a design that honoured their brand and promoted the province as an ideal destination for physicians, nurses, and allied health providers looking to balance successful careers with a unique and enjoyable lifestyle. The result is a striking interface that capitalizes on B.C.'s character while supporting easy navigation and smooth functionality.

Kentico Upgrade

Our development team built the updated website into the Kentico CMS, considering all outputs from previous phases and focusing on building high quality code that ensured scalability and the maintainability of the software.

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