Web Application Project
Hubcap: B.C.'s Social Innovation Hub

Hubcap  was born from a vision of a new online community that allows members to learn, share information, and partner with one another to build concepts and practices that put people and our planet first.

The Challenge

Social innovators in British Columbia propel the province forward, introducing new ideas that bring people together and create solutions to problems that affect us all. They work in a multitude of disciplines and in regions across B.C., but just because they've managed to harness the power of a great concept or groundbreaking technology didn't necessarily mean they'd capitalized on the strength that comes with networking and community.

Until recently, these innovators were often disconnected from one another, meaning that they were missing out on the opportunity to further spread their ideas and forge meaningful connections with other like-minded individuals and groups. Working in a silo can be limiting, and if there's one thing the members of this diverse audience had in common, it was a desire to push boundaries.

Services Provided on this Project

Stakeholder Workshops

Workshops with internal stakeholders at the beginning of a project can help us establish the key user groups, information and interaction needs, and internal goals that define the direction of our work.

Interaction Design

Good interaction design is the difference between an experience that's memorable for all the right reasons, and one that users would rather forget. Our goal is to create intuitive and uncomplicated products.

Visual Design

Our visual design enhances projects aesthetically and functionally, considering our clients' identity and a site's interactive features to create experiences that are both pleasing to the eye and helpful to the user.


Informed by our clients' technical needs and our research and design, our development team collaborates with our designers and consistently works to the highest standard to create extensible and scalable code.

The Research

Our clients had a vision for a new, collective resource where community members could learn, share information, and build new partnerships. We wanted to provide a "hub" for everyone from environmental advocates to tech wizzes, giving them a gathering place to discuss and grow their projects, and we worked with the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation to make it happen.

After kicking off the project, we set out to learn as much as we could about the people who would ultimately be using the new website. We conducted a series of workshops to identify and engage with the key audience groups, and gained valuable insight into their information needs and the key interactions they would expect from the website.

With our client working alongside our research and creative teams, we started conceptualizing a visual design framework. The Hubcap model emerged as our design team worked through various concepts, names and visual representations, and the idea stuck.

The Delivery

Social innovators in B.C. were ready for a resource that would grant them access to new ideas and opportunities, and our research and designs helped bring a solution to life. We guaranteed that the end product was one that can serve them effectively and grow along with its user base.

To do that, we delivered a product that will continue to be relevant and useful to the province's forward-thinkers, and facilitate meaningful change in B.C.

A Growing Online Directory

The site gives users the chance to dynamically view and search for people, projects, events, organizations, and publications. The Explore Hubcap page is a jumping off point to finding future collaborators and partners, and allows them to narrow their search as they go. Users can also choose to join the Hubcap community, allowing them to share their thoughts and projects to a wider group, and develop relationships with other members.

A Shared Knowledge Base

All of these functions ultimately help users contribute to an ever-expanding library of information. Hubcap's design makes it a welcoming venue for innovators in varied industries to come together and build a resource that will only become more vital and vibrant as its members add content to its library.

A Plan for the Future

To facilitate that growth over time, we delivered a scalable framework that will expand gracefully as user contributions grow. By using a modern, "layered" approach to display the content contributions, we ensured that users are able to stay focused and easily view information relevant to them and their connections — and will continue to do so as more and more of their peers join them on Hubcap.

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